Sunday, 17 July 2016


Vintage Patterns for Sale!

Remember when I had a store? Yeah, me too. After I moved I got so caught up in being horribly ill and working that I never made it back into reopening my Etsy shop. My ads expired during vacation mode - what a lot of bull shit that is - so I've been relisting and editing and repricing a lot of the previous inventory. I've also gone through about 150 vintage sewing patterns ensuring that they're useable. About 20% of them were missing pieces or damaged, the majority of which are still salable given they're missing minor pieces like armhole facings and the like; these patterns will be slightly discounted depending on what they're missing or how damaged they are. VISIT MY SHOP!

I've only just begun relisting so it looks skimpy but I have way more patterns to come. I'm going to try to list daily. I have a lot of patterns from the 60's and 70's, a lot of patterns for women, a few patterns for men and children, and there will be a handful of craft patterns available too. 

I'm getting married next month and the wedding is putting us out financially so I need as many sales as I can get. Please spread the word about my shop.♥ If you see something you like and you're outside of Canada or the US, get in contact with me and I can give you a shipping quote. International shipping is ghastly high at times so I've generally avoided selling outside of North America for this reason. 

Sorry for my absence. I haven't sewn much vintage stuff due to being busy but I've bought new patterns (or old patterns rather) that I look forward to sharing with you.

Happy Sewing! ♥

Monday, 17 August 2015

Shop Open

Minor Update

If you don't happen to be a follower of my sister blog then you've probably been unaware of the ongoings in my life; like a major surgery, followed by a bout of illness, and now a very difficult and time consuming work schedule. During whatever personal time I may find I've been hard at work on my art, but something that's sat on the back burner for far too long is my vintage shop. Now, don't get too excited, although this shop is done up to look like an antiques shop it's really just a place to sell off things that belong to me or were bought up at store closings and the like. I *was* an amateur antiques collector, and I need to downsize, plus make money to pay off medical expenses.

Much of what will be in this store is vintage patterns that I have in excess or no longer need. Some are uncut others have been used gently. I've tried to price them fairly but unfortunately Canada Post drives shipping up the ass, so it's made things difficult to get a profit out of it and please the customer at the same time. I'm currently only shipping in North America because shipping rates internationally are painfully high and not worth it for either me or the customer. If you know someone who would be interested pass the word on, I'll be adding patterns gradually (there's something like over a hundred of them). I might also be selling off some vintage jewelry, accessories, and a few small clothing items, but the majority of products will in fact be patterns. Again, this store is just to sell some stuff off, I'll probably retire it after I'm done. ;)

Happy Sewing! ♥